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Sidai's Note: The World Wide Wing Chun Mailing List is run independently of Wing Chun World. Here, if you are a student of Wing Chun, you will find many others who share your interests.

World Wide Wing Chun Mailing List

Hello one and all. My name's Marty, and being one of the main representatives for the art on the Internet, I'd like to welcome all Wing Chun practitioners new here to the Internet and the vast martial arts community that resides on it.

What I'm here for is to invite you to join the private Wing Chun mailing list that I run. It was started about three years ago when there was just myself and a handfull of other practitioners on the Internet. I saw more and more practitioners pop up on the net, and felt it would be great if we all had a private medium to talk and get to know one another. So, I started the World Wide Wing Chun Mailing List.

It's goals are:

  1. Provide a private medium where practitioners of the art can find others, get to know one another, and hopefully make new friends.
  2. Provide a place where higher level discussions of the art can take place. Not the usual "What's a Pak Sao?" variety usually seen on rec.martial-arts.
  3. Provide some source of organization and unity for the art on the Internet. It's like the little club house where we all can meet. Seminar announcements, school openings, and general news are often posted and encouraged.

The only real rules are No Politics, and a few other maintenance policies. There have been a couple flame wars on rec.martial-arts regarding Wing Chun politics that were real doozies. There is no place for this in a mailing list that is stressing unity above all else. This is also the main reason why the mailing list is private. Any people who cannot follow this simple policy are banned. (The second reason is to ensure that only practitioners of the art have access and are able to post to the mailing list).

The WWWCML has been very successful, with over 100 members from all over the world. Countries include Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, all over the U.S., Canada, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Germany, and more.

Many of the major families and instructors are represented, including William Cheung, Leung Ting, Wong Shun Leung, Leung Shum, Wang Kiu, Augustine Fong, Francis Fong, Ben Der, Philip Holder, and many more, including those outside the Yip Man lineage.


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