Introduction to Wing Chun Viewpoint

By Ray Van Raamsdonk

In 1987 Yvette Wong and myself ventured on a project to try and get a Wing Chun only publication going which would present the theoretical ideas and training procedures from various Wing Chun branches. When we started we didn't have any connections with other Wing Chun schools so we thought we would start with the Wang Kiu system as taught by his student Dr. G.K. Khoe and present as much of this as we could. We realized that the publication could only be as good as our level of understanding at the time but thought for a fun project, we should do it anyway. Our idea was to have really no advertising and no articles like my style is great, we just wanted a technical publication that people teaching Wing Chun (assuming they were not masters) could use to help them teach.

The format of the publication was about 12 pages, and the topics in each issue were to be talk about the forms, philosophy of Wing Chun, discussion of drills, talk about sticking hands tips, discussion of what makes Wing Chun an art, write-ups on comments from whatever masters we were able to contact, advice on teaching Wing Chun, discussions on how Wing Chun did in real fighting or in tournament fighting, discussion of Wing Chun from the woman's perspective, announcements of major Wing Chun events, technical discussion of Wing Chun techniques, discussion of terminolgy, discussion of classical Wing Chun proverbs, maybe a couple of other categories and then a major feature article on some aspect of Wing Chun. After a few issues we started to receive some articles from people like Robert Chu which were quite good.

The publication was well received by Wing Chun clubs around the world except for one or two. One took it the wrong way like it was a promotion of just the Wang Kiu system. We didn't know any other system in depth so we had to start with something. The other school was our parent school got quite upset at all this because much of the material they didn't want to let out and they didn't think it was too great to do the newsletter without their blessing. According to traditional thinking they were right. But I felt Wing Chun should be like any other academic subject that people could discuss, research, trade ideas, listen to other experts just as you would do in physics, math or music. Too many martial arts have lost all their stuff because of the secrecy aspect. So the whole art dies out instead.

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