Drills: The Eight Leg Movements

Each of the Wing Chun sets has various drills associated with it to teach the application of the techniques. The eight leg movements are a set of drills which teach the application of some of the movements from the wooden dummy.

1. Ready position [Pictures to follow]

2. Left Wing hand vs. punch

3. Double thrusting hand

4. Kick through the heart

The sequence shown above is one of the leg techniques which occur on the wooden dummy. To begin with, you face your partner with a square-on training stance with the left guarding hand forward.

The attacker takes a traditional Karate one-step sparring action pose. The left foot is back and the right fist is positioned for the punch. The attacker then charges forward with the right foot and applies a right upper level Karate style punch towards your head. You apply a left Wing hand and right guarding hand for your defense. If necessary, step diagonally backwards to give more room to maneuver. The opponent punches with the left hand.

You apply a double thrusting hand from section nine of the 108 movement wooden dummy set, towards the opponent's face. If you can, off balance the opponent with the double thrusting hand, then continue the attack with "kick through the heart" technique by pulling and applying a left kick through the heart. Then, step down, push the opponent and chase with ruf'fle punches.

To prevent a counter in real combat, the jerk is always done in a shocking way. In practice, whiplash injuries could result, so be careful.

Note: There are many variations possible. For example, the attacker could charge in with a variety of different punches. The defender could perform a variety of kicks and sweeps from the wooden dummy and third set.

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