Wing Chun Principles Related to Life

Adapting to Society

In order to become balanced and adapt well to society we must obtain knowledge and develop a feeling. We must let go of our ego. This is one of the biggest obstacles which prevents us from getting anywhere. Once we do this, we become more aware of our surroundings, more aware of opportunities. We can flow with the tide of events in our lives. We will automatically be guided to the proper actions without effort.

Dealing with Stress

If someone yells at you, weather it like a boat in a violent storm. Try to remain calm, balanced and relaxed. You will find out that it is not so bad. If you fight back right away, you may miss a chance to understand the opponent to effectively counter. Also the storm may die by itself.

Solving Problems

Study the principles that are hidden like Easter eggs. They are everywhere. You only have to open your eyes and ears to look and listen. The clues are all around us if we are willing to see.

If You are Stuck

If you are stuck, don't struggle with the same method, try to change, or else wait for an opportunity to act. There are only two ways to deal with obstacles, remove them or go around them.

Goals in Life

Don't set your goals too high. Any method of doing something is all right, but some are just better. Start with a method and try to improve it. Try to do a lot with a little.

Making the Right Choice

There are many choices and actions that can be made during our lives. Each will have a different outcome. Wing Chun recommends the simplest approach. If one action will do, why use two. Pick the simplest, the most obvious to start.

Being Creative

The world and our future can be whatever we imagine it to be. Don't be confined by your methods, your structures, or your points of view. There are many ways to look at a certain thing.

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