Distance Fighting: Closing the Gap

The Wing Chun training system is composed of two parts. The first part is close range fighting which tells you what to do once you are in contact. This part is taught in the sticking hands training. The second part is how to get contact in the first place. This part comes from the Wooden Dummy training. The strategies and tactics for closing the gap are as numerous as the sticking hands techniques. The following are just a few examples.

1. Both side pose [Pictures to follow]

Both fighters take a pose. The fighters are separated just outside of the critical kicking range.

2. Lean to draw the kick

The fighter on the right leans just inside the critical kicking range to entice or force the opponent to kick.

3. The opponent kicks

The opponent does a back kick to the ribs. Photos 4a to 4c show various responses.

4a. Gan sau and punch

The defender evades by just a small margin and applies a Gan sau and punch.

4b. Fade back

The defender faces back just out of reach of the kick. The defender is ready to move in when it is safe.

4c. Jam the kick

5. Step in and punch

The defender jams the kick with a Bong leg before the attacker's kick has reached full power.

6. Follow up with palm

The [left] two photos show some follow up techniques. From photos 4a to 4c, the defender charges in with the vertical Wing Chun punch. If the attacker blocks the punch, apply an explosive grab and palm technique. Other options against a deflected punch are to apply a Chum sau and punch, or a second or third set elbow movement.

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