Spear versus Stick Set

Special Feature - The Two People Stick Application Set

The Spear vs. Stick set refers to the two people stick application set. This rare set is not generally taught, and has never appeared in print or video before. The purpose of this set is to illustrate the application of the movements contained in the classical Wing Chun 6 1/2 point stick set. These movements are a useful way to start drilling the Wing Chun stick and spear fighting methods. There are many variations possible with any application set. When you are able to perform this set well, you will be ready to engage in free style stick fighting. Knowledge of this set will make your actions more efficient.

1. Ready position [Pictures to follow]

2. High level spear thrust to neck

3. Tan stick defense

4. Low level spear thrust to knee

5. Bong stick defense

6. Low to high stick poke to neck

7. Tan spear defense

8. Slide spear down to attack hand

9. Bong stick defense

10. Fook stick attack

11. Fook spear defense

Both partners pose in the ready position. One side performs a horizontal thrust to the neck. The defender responds with a Tan stick. The attacker performs a low horizontal poke to the knee. The defender deflects the hit with a low Bong stick. The defender then counterattacks with a high to low thrust to the attacker's neck. The attacker defends with a Tan spear. The attacker slides the spear down the defender's stick to attack the hand. The defender responds by changing to the Bong stick. The defender counterattacks with a Fook hit to the temple. The attacker steps back to deflect with a Fook spear.

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