Set Application

The Third Set Elbow Application

The sets are concise summaries of principles and techniques. Often various applications of the sets are not readily apparent. The purpose of this section is to show various applications from the different sets.

1. Opponent applies a left poke

This section will give a way to drill against the spinning hits that other styles often apply in tournament fighting. Both sides take up a fighting pose. One side steps forward and throws a left poke towards your head. You deflect the force of this hit using a left outside Bil sau from part one of the wooden dummy set.

2. Stop the spinning backfist

Your opponent immediately spins around to hit your head with a spinning right backfist. You stop the spinning backfist with a right Tan sau to the opponent's elbow and a left Wu sau or Pak sau to the opponent's right shoulder area. At the same time you could lift your right foot and kick the opponent's groin or leg.

3. Third set elbow follow up

After the kick, set your foot down in such a way that the opponent's leg gets buckled, while you apply the third set elbow movement to the opponent's head or neck area. The hand that is on the opponent's shoulder is used to jerk his shoulder downward or to violently jerk his neck while your right elbow hits his head or neck.

4. Variation for smaller person

In short range action such as this, forget about the fist and use the much more powerful elbow movement. If you cannot reach the opponent's head with the elbow, hit with the elbow in the kidney area. Also, if you are smaller, use the Pak sau in an upward direction instead of the more usual downward direction.

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