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Wong Shun Leung

Wong Shun Leung Seminar ... of all the senior student's of Grandmaster Yip Man, Wong Shun Leung is the most well known in Hong Kong. The reason is that Master Wong Shun Leung defeated the Masters of numerous Kung Fu styles in his younger days. Today Wong Shun Leung has become a very popular master for giving Wing Chun seminars in Europe. Some seminars are as large as 400 people. Not only was Wong Shun Leung a good fighter in the old days, but he is also an exceptional trainer. Among his other credits is that he trained Bruce Lee and also the all Asian woman's martial arts champion in Hong Kong.

The staff at "Wing Chun Viewpoint" has been asked by a Chicago Wing Chun club, to arrange a weekend seminar by Master Wong Shun Leung sometime in the spring (April, May) of 1990. We are also looking at options of having private lesson evening courses by Master Wong Shun Leung for small groups of no more than ten students. Some thought is also being given to a California seminar.

For an excellent introduction to Master Wong Shun Leung, there is a video available from Brendon Lai's martial arts supply store in San Francisco which covers the first set and the sticking hands. There are also a few clips of the second set and wooden dummy form.

The Nine Rules of Conduct For A Wing Chun Practitioner

The following nine rules of conduct have been passed down from previous Wing Chun masters in China.

  1. Remain disciplined - Conduct yourself ethically as a martial artist.
  2. Practice courtesy and righteousness - Serve society and respect your elders.
  3. Love your fellow students - Be united and avoid conflict.
  4. Limit your desires and pursuit of bodily pleasures - Preserve the proper spirit.
  5. Train diligently - Maintain your skills.
  6. Learn to develop spiritual tranquility - Abstain from arguments and fights.
  7. Participate in society - Be moderate and gentle in your manners.
  8. Help the weak and the very young - Use martial art skills for the good of humanity.
  9. Pass on the tradition - Preserve this Chinese art and rules of conduct.

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