Philosophy Corner

The Donkey

One day a young boy and an old man were walking along the road with their donkey when they were stopped by a stranger. The stranger told the old man that he was foolish not to let the young boy ride the donkey. The old man followed the stranger's advice. A while later, a second man told the old man it would be smarter if both would ride the donkey. Again the old man followed the stranger's advice. Still later a third stranger stopped the old man and told him how cruel they were to the donkey. He suggested they carry the donkey instead. The old man and the young boy thus proceeded to carry the donkey. While the three were crossing a bridge, the donkey suddenly got startled, causing them to drop the donkey over the bridge. The old man and young boy were very sad that they had lost the donkey.

The point to this story:
If you try to please everyone, you might end up pleasing no one, especially yourself. So use your own logic to analyze the situation.

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