Sticking Hands

Attack And Counter-attack

There are many kinds of attacks possible within the sticking hands training system. Most of these occur when the opponent has made an error in his defensive system. If there are no errors in your basic positions and feeling, then every attack attempt can easily be neutralized and countered.

Starting position
Attempted Pak sau and hit
Chum and punch counter
Start with a left high Bong sau and right low Fook sau. Your partner starts with a right high Fook sau and left low Tan sau. You attempt to slap (Pak sau) your partner's high Fook sau (Bridge hand) aside to create an opening for a palm up neck strike. Your partner applies the sinking hand (Chum sau) to deflect the neck hit while at the same time applying a vertical counter punch.

Third set elbow attack

Second set elbow counter

Follow up with temple punch
From the left low Tan sau and right high Fook sau position, apply a third set vertical elbow to attack your partner. Your partner responds with a horizontal elbow movement from the second set combined with a body shift to deflect the third set elbow aside. Once the elbow has been deflected aside, various counter-attacks are possible. One example is to keep control of the elbow and hit the temple.

Attempted grab and punch

Punch deflected

Attacker's hands trapped
From the left high Bong sau and right low Fook sau position, apply a right grabbing hand (Lap sau) with a left center vertical punch. Your partner deflects the punch with a left guarding hand while at the same time withdrawing the right hand to set up for a trapping action. Your partner continues the trapping action by pushing down with the guarding hand until the lower grabbed hand can grab your punching hand.

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