Double Sticking Hands

The double sticking hands can be looked at as a way to tie together all of the techniques and principles which are contained in the various Wing Chun sets. This exercise develops a sensitivity to detect and counter any form of close range attack.


Side A has a left Tan sau and a right high Fook sau. The elbows are side by side, not on top of one another. The elbow and wrist of the Tan sau lie along the center line. The Tan sau is level. The Fook sau is at a 45 degree angle. Side B places a right low Fook sau on top of A's Tan sau. B places a left Bong sau inside of A's high Fook sau.


Side A rotates the Tan sau to a high Bong sau. At the same time B changes the high Bong sau to a low Tan sau. The Fook sau changes from low to high or from high to low without any movement of the elbow. This rolling action is performed in a continuous fashion for at least 20 minutes. The feeling should be relaxed but alert.

Some important points to keep in mind are to keep the force forward, centered, sticky, and uniform at all times. Roll slowly at first to obtain the proper level of softness and feeling.

The rolling hands exercise plays a very important role for developing a defensive system. If you are good at the rolling hands, meaning you have a good stance, are sticky and are very centered, then there are few attacks of any kind which will easily succeed. You will be able to detect the opponent's intentions almost before they start. The slightest deviations of the opponent from the center line can be countered with the techniques shown in this issue of "Viewpoint."

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