Single Sticking Hands

The single sticking hands is an exercise which incorporates many concepts from the first set. This basic attack and defense drill is good for developing the concept of stickiness, the center, proper relaxation and tensing techniques.


Side A puts the right hand out in the level Tan sau position. Side B puts the left hand on top in the Fook sau position. Both sides relax. The Fook sau has a forward pressure, just enough to move the skin towards B.


Side A attempts an upward palm hit to the face of B. Side B does a Chum sau to deflect the attempted palm hit. The Chum sau is performed sharply with the force directed to A's center, A relaxes as soon as B tenses.


Side B changes the Chum sau to an upward vertical punch. Side A deflects the punch using a high Bong sau. The Bong sau is relaxed and tenses at the wrist only for a split second when the punch is tensed.

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