Woman's Corner: Wing Chun Self Defense

Mental Attitude

Many woman when told what steps to take to really defend themselves recoil with shock and say, "I could never do that." When asked if she would rather be killed instead, she will become confused and counter with, "I will get away somehow, or it will never happen to me."

It is the mental handicap from thousands of years of brainwashing that prevent most women from being able to defend themselves. It has been drilled into women's heads by our society that fighting just isn't feminine.

However, the only way to stop an attacker is to seriously incapacitate him. The alternative may very well be your life. In combat you may only have one chance. A half-hearted effort will surely get you killed. Expect to get injured in a fight. A maladjusted male is not a normal person; he is close to being a vicious animal. If he gets you, he will get others after you.

Fighting Strategy

One famous sifu stated that a woman must be ten times as good as a man in order to be able to beat him in a fight. This statement indicates the difficulty of dealing with an enormous amount of strength. What advantages does the woman have? In the areas of agility, timing and speed, the woman is not far behind. In the areas of sensitivity, and suppleness, she often exceeds the male capability. The woman's strategy must, therefore, be to avoid male strength and to use those qualities which she is good at to win. Against a strong opponent, mobility of footwork, quick angular changes and shifts must be combined with proper timing to make contact. Once contact is made the Wing Chun woman uses her contact reflexes from the sticking hands training to sense, trap and neutralize the opponent's movements so that she can unleash rapid palm, finger and elbow attacks, supported by occasional low kicks. Because of the strength difference only lethal targets are used.

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