Fighting Experiences

This month, we report on the experiences of Mr. Jason Siu, a Wing Chun practitioner who has practiced extensively against Tae Kwon Do. The following are statements by Mr. Siu:

"At first, I could not apply one Wing Chun technique against the Tae Kwon Do blackbelts I competed against. Although they had very simple punch and kick combinations, they applied them quite effectively. I now manage to apply various types of kicks to get in, and follow up with the various Wing Chun hand techniques. None of the black belts are able to deal with Wing Chun's hand techniques.

The dummy training is very important for developing strong bridge arms with which to counter some types of kicks directly.

Some Wing Chun schools spend to much time on the sticking hands training; and thus do not develop a well-rounded fighting ability.

Wing Chun is a very beautiful, effective style, but you have to know it by sparring realistically against a variety of different styles. However, your partners must have control or it is a waste of time.

The hand version of the Wing Chun knife set is useful, because the opponent is not always directly in front of you.

From my experience in Tae Kwon Do, those people who do not practice technique, and just spar for tournaments are not as good as those who pay attention to the fine details of the art."

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