The Chum Kiu Fook Sau Drill

There are various drills associated with each Wing Chun set to teach the application of the techniques. The Fook sau drill is a cyclic drill, which teaches the application of some of the movements from the second set.

1: Fook sau to a punch

2: Wu sau and chop

3: Low uppercut

4: High vertical punch

5: Trapping hands

6: Gum sau and Chum sau

Enlargement of Gum sau and Chum sau from photo No. 6

The sequence shown above is one of the drills associated with the Fook sau technique from the second set. The Fook sau drill sequence can also be practiced on the dummy. This particular drill teaches the use of the Fook sau, the trapping hand (double Wu sau), the Gum sau, the Chum sau, the horizontal chop, the vertical punch and the low uppercut punch.

To begin with, the attacker throws a left punch. The defender applies a right Fook sau and chop. The attacker defends by trapping the defender's hands. The defender applies a low uppercut punch in order to free her hand. The attacker defends by applying a Gum sau to stop the low punch, while at the same time applying a Chum sau to continue the trap. The defender converts her low uppercut punch to a high vertical punch by circling her punch inwards. The attacker defends by applying a right outside Fook sau, and the cycle continues as before with the roles switched.


There are many variations possible. Analyze the cycle at different points to see what other actions can be applied. The sequence can be applied with or without shifting. Aim for precision and proper feeling, not speed and strength.

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