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Wing Chun as an Art

From an observer's point of view, Wing Chun might look just like something for fitness or fighting. But for a true Wing Chun practitioner, it goes well beyond that. Wing Chun is a very comprehensive art which contains both physical and mental training. To the Wing Chun practitioner, it is understood that Wing Chun is a very deep subject that needs constant refinement to reach ultimate precision in all aspects. Accordingly, Wing Chun is not just something for a great workout or a fight. Few people would think of playing the piano for a good workout. Instead, they endeavor to play well as an art. Likewise, Wing Chun should be looked at as an art, just like playing the piano.

To learn an art well means constant striving for perfection in every way. Therefore, the learning process of Wing Chun requires time, patience and determination.

The Tea Cup

One day a professor came to visit a Zen master to inquire about Zen. It was obvious to the Zen master from the start of the conversation that the professor was more interested in expressing his own opinions than to learn anything about Zen. After listening quietly, the master poured the professor some tea until the professor's cup overflowed. The professor jumped up quickly and said, "Stop, my cup can hold no more!" The master then went on to explain, "Like this cup, your mind is full, leaving you no room to accept anything new. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?"

The point to this story: To empty one's mind of old habits and old knowledge and be open-minded to new learning.

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