Technical Note #3

Wing Chun Theory

Without a theory in your mind, you will practice without purpose and will achieve few results. There are various ways in nature that force is neutralized. Some arts adapt ONE of these ideas. Some arts try to use ALL of these ideas.
  1. The Ball Concept?

    To neutralize force, use the ball concept.

    Consider a ball suspended in some water. When you push this ball it will rotate in some direction, thus neutralizing the force of your push. If you push the ball dead center, it will move in the direction of your push.

  2. Trying to use the ball concept

    The ball concept uses the ideas of ROTATION and TRANSLATION.

    When someone pushes your body, you can simulate the ball idea by turning in the direction of the push. Unless a force pushes you directly on the center, the force should not have any effect on you. The conditions to make this work are that you have a firmly rooted stance, that the body acts as one unit, and that your body is able to turn right and left during the application of a force.

  3. What if the Force is Right in the Center?

    If a force can stay pointing at your center, you are lost.

    In the Wing Chun system we occupy the center so that only the pivot option is necessary to neutralize force.

  4. What has This Really Got to do With Fighting?

    That's how you get beat. That's how good people get better. That's how smaller people can deal with larger people.

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