Dunn Wah (Sunny Tang)

A native of Hong Kong and a second generation disciple of the famed grandmaster of Wing Chun, Yip Man (Bruce Lee's Master). In 1969 Sifu Dunn Wah first established his Wing Chun Kung Fu school in Midland, England.

In 1971, he emigrated to Canada and left his most advanced student in charge of his British school. This student was Mario Reho. Since his arrival in Canada, two Wing Chun Kung Fu Academies have been established in Toronto. Since then Sifu Dunn Wah has become very active in the Chinese community. He is a director as well as life president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Inc. (East Toronto). Sifu Dunn Wah is also a director and vice-president of the Tang's Fraternity Inc. of Ontario.

Some of his earlier students of his Canadian Wing chun schools have now established their own schools. These students include Paul Stiles, Ebenezer Shum, Tony Ng, Chris Hader and Darren Smith all of Ontario, and Joland Leung of British Columbia.

Sifu Dunn Wah is well on his way to becoming one of the mainstays of the development of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Canada.

From: "Pah Chum Do of Wing Chun" by Dunn Wah, Toronto: Champion Enterprises, 1984.

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