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Jim Fung

Sifu Jim Fung is internationally recognised as one of the top Wing Chun Masters. He is Life Director of the Hong Kong Wing Chun Association, Author of the renowned "Wing Chun Kung Fu" book, and was trained in the same Wing Chun School as the late Bruce Lee.

Sifu Fung has devoted a major part of his life to learning, and teaching, the genuine Wing Chun art.

He has been guided and tutored in Wing Chun for over 20 years by Senior Master, Sifu Tsui Seung Tin, who regards Sifu Fung as one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable Wing Chun Masters.

Through Sifu Fung's efforts, Wing Chun has emerged from relative obscurity to become one of the most popular and respected martial arts in Australia.

His Academies are regarded as among the most professional in the world.

Sifu Fung is one of the rare exponents of martial art who has combined true understanding, with a high level of practical ability, and a genuine willingness to teach.

He is constantly featured in the media, and in prestigious international journals.

Recently, Sifu Fung was appointed Chairman of the Cultural Committee on Sport by the Chinese Association of South Australia.

Sifu Fung continues to research, and train in Wing Chun, keeping close contact with his Master, and other Masters in Hong Kong, so that the genuine Wing Chun art can be preserved and passed on, without any deterioration or adulteration of the proper Wing Chun standards.

From: "The Authentic Wing Chun weapons: long pole and butterfly knives" by Jim Fung and Karen Armstrong. Adelaide: Armstrong & Fung, 1986.