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Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu in the Chinese Community

By Sifu Paul Barrington

It seems to come as a surprise to people to learn that traditional Chinese Wing Chun Kung Fu is now being taught in the heart of the Chinese Community in Ottawa, but the Sunny Tang Somerset Group has actually been located at the Ottawa Chinese Free Masons Lodge for more than a year now. It is understandable, as I have done very little advertising because I do not teach commercially and only look for serious students that truly want to learn the beautiful Martial Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a four hundred year old Martial Art that is geared for one purpose--to save your life! Wing Chun Kung Fu is based on the abilities and limitations of the human body, instead of the actions of animals. We are humans, not tigers or snakes. Wing Chun is a scientific system of combat that always follows three main rules--simplicity, efficiency and practicality. Invented by a Shaolin Nun, Wing Chun does not rely on strength, but instead it uses sensitivity and good technique to accomplish itās goals.

I am a third generation disciple of the late Grand Master Yip Man of Hong Kong. I am a Closed Door Disciple of my Sifu Sunny Tang (Dunn Wah) of Toronto. The Sunny Tang Kung Fu Family is one of the largest in Canada and has been in Ottawa for ten years now. We have studios in Bells Corners, Westborough and of course 472 Somerset Street. For further information you may call 235-5355.

I have studied martial arts for twenty five years, among them Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do and "modified" Wing Chun. I am a published martial arts writer and have met some true masters along the way. I have seen very few martial arts as effective as Traditional Wing Chun and fewer masters as giving as Sifu Sunny Tang. Belonging to the Sunny Tang Kung Fu Family means exactly that, you have a family full of support, knowledge and wisdom to help you along your journey.

By being fortunate enough to be able to teach out of the Ottawa Chinese Free Masons Lodge, I have gained respect and recognition as a Sifu in the Chinese Community and for this I thank Albert and Alvin Tang, David Tam, the Ottawa Chinese Free Masons, my students and of course my Sifu Sunny Tang. I have also been enjoying helping out with many Dragon Dances, Dragon Boat Races and have had the honor of doing many Wing Chun Kung Fu demonstrations in the Chinese Community as well as being an annual performer at the National Capital Dragon Boat Races. I love the Chinese Culture.

People ask me what are the highlights of my martial arts career? Two things: the day I met my Sifu Sunny Tang, and when I walk down Somerset street and Chinese people greet me with "Hello Sifu!"

Paul Barrington is an Ottawa, Canada based martial artist. He is a third generation student of Yip Man, under Sifu Sunny Tang (Dunn Wah).
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