Wing Chun Stories


From the early 1900's, when Au Soy-Jee's book "Fatsan Jan Sin-Sang" ("Mr. Jan of Foshan") vaulted the renowned doctor to folk-hero status, to the articles written by the same author about Yuen Kay-San in the mid 20th century, to the many accounts of the famed Yip Man and others, to modern movies like Prodigal Son, the rich fables and stories interwoven in Wing Chun have inspired many works, both fact-based and fiction.

Martial World Orthodox Styles: Wing Chun Kuen

These are very rough translations (probably lots of errors and omissions) of a 1960's pulp novel written about Wing Chun Kuen. These stories are in no way historically accurate (unless by accident) and should not be taken as such. They are legends and fictional stories. They were merely translated and posted for everyone's enjoyment.

Part 1: A Challenge Lost
Part 2: Discovering Wing Chun
Part 3: The Ghost Teacher
Part 4: Enter Wing Chun
Part 5: A Wedding and a Funeral
Part 6: A Lesson in Patience
Part 7: A Tale of Two Wings
Part 8: Dr. Leung Jan of Foshan
Part 9: "Dark" Palm of the Vagabond
Part 10: An Old Student
Part 11: Choy Biu Returns
Part 12: Reckoning
Part 13: A Policeman's Challenge
Part 14: The Power of Chan Wah
Part 15: Tse Biu and the Butterfly Palms
Part 16: Chan Wah Inherits Wing Chun
Part 17: The Fall of Ma Fook
Part 18: The Students of Chan Wah
Part 19: Yip Man
Part 20: A Fight with a Yunnan Soldier

(More forthcoming ...)

Librarian's note: These stories were translated by Rene Ritchie, and included here courtesy of the Yuen Kay-San Wing Chun home page, where you can see the originals and much more.

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