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Many of us don't have an opportunity to meet other good Wing Chun masters and teachers. Seminars can be quite expensive, especially when they are in another state or country. But for anyone teaching Wing Chun it should be a must to meet other masters in your own art. Narrow points of view are often caused by ignorance and misconceptions about what other people do. The same applies to life in general. We assume a great many things about other people from often third hand information and in many cases this information is just plain wrong.

Bruce Lee said that each way of fighting is just one piece of the fighting pie. No piece is better than another piece. Sometimes you need this piece and at other times you need that piece. Dr. G.K. Khoe once said that collectively his students had the complete art that he taught. On an individual basis, none of them had it all. The same is true of all the sifu's and masters that are around. Wing Chun is a deep multi-faceted art. Each sifu has their valid perspective, their valid point of view.

We have tried to help foster a whole or total view of the Wing Chun art by presenting seminar or course notes from many of the leading sifus and masters in Wing Chun. Each Wing Chun Viewpoint also has a "Master's Comments" section. Please read this information with an open mind because words cannot adequately describe what these people taught. Any sentence can be criticized and picked apart. For example, when master Wong Shun Leung gave a seminar, he was told some criticisms that had been heard from other people regarding the way he did certain things. He was not offended in the slightest and said that he was aware of these objections, but he had good logical reasons for doing the things he did. These reasons were not at all what other people thought.

In order to foster a spirit of cooperation in the Wing Chun world we try to present only positive things the various masters and sifus had to say. Naturally we're all biased to some extent. Some let that bias block their learning by rejecting any information that comes from an outside source. That is their loss.

These notes represent quite a disconnected view of Wing Chun, and cannot adequately present a complete picture. First hand information is always best. Even then, a message may get distorted when information is filtered based on previous experiences and on current levels of understanding. These notes will mean different things to you the further you progress in Wing Chun. At some seminars one student learned a new technique, another already knew the technique but learned some fine points in applying the technique. A third student learned the principle behind the technique. A fourth student suddenly saw the connectedness of all techniques. The more you look at a thing, the more you will see.

So far we offer the following seminar and course notes: