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Chu Wan's BirthdayChu Wan
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Chu Wan, seated front row center, with some of his students, at a birthday celebration held 27 Feb 1968. His youngest son sits on the floor in front of him, his wife is beside him, while his eldest son sits far left front row. Chow Hung-Yuen is in the front row fifth from the left, Fred Kwok stands second row fifth from the left (directly behind Chow). Can you help identify any others?

Chu Wan with sons & Chow Hung-Yuen
Chu Wan sits with his two sons by his side and his student, Chow Hung-Yuen, behind him. Taken about 1960.
4 MastersWong Kiu, Lok Yiu, Tsui Sheung-Tin & Wong Shun-Leung


Yip Man and Bruce LeeYip Man & Bruce Lee do Chi Sao.
Chu WanYip Man with Chu Wan

Entrance to the Main Hall of the Buddhist temple where many Chinese martial arts, including Wing Chun, traditionally began. This image, and many more, can be found at Scenery Pictures of China.


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