Knife Versus Sword Set

Special Feature -
Section One of the Knife Application Set

The knife versus sword set refers to the two people butterfly knife application set. This rare set is not generally taught, and has never appeared in print or video before. The purpose of this set is to illustrate the application of the movements contained in the classical Wing Chun knife set. These movements are a useful way to start drilling the Wing Chun free style knife fighting. In all, there are eight sections to the knife versus sword application set. There are many variations possible, even within section one. One or two short sticks can be substituted for the knives. The principles used in this set can also be applied without weapons against an opponent who kicks.

1: Pose

2: Left Gan Knife

3: Trapping Knife

4: Begin Circling

5: Circling Knife and Cut

6: Right Gan Knife

7: Left Gan Knife

8: Right Gan knife

9: Double Chum Knife

10: Chum Knife and Poke


Both partners take a pre-fighting posture. The sword can be held in different ways. In practice, the distance between partners is larger. In photo two, the swordsman steps up to apply a diagonal downward cut to the neck of the defender. The defender steps up and applies a Gan Knife (Gan Do) to intercept the attack. In photo three, the defender immediately steps up to firmly trap the sword (or cut the hand). In photo four, the swordsman starts to withdraw the trapped sword, at the same time he tries to keep the tip of the sword pointed at the defenders throat. The defender sticks with the sword and deflects it to the outside by applying a left circling knife. At the same time, the defender chops towards the swordsman's head. In photo five, the swordsman has defended by raising the sword handle. Next, the swordsman continues by stepping back to apply right, left and right downward diagonal cuts. These are defended by stepping up and using the Gan knife. After these three actions, the swordsman applies a low horizontal cut to the defender's stomach. The last photo shows a logical continuation after the double Chum knife.

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